02 Juli 2006

Mulla Sadra Dam to Drown 7000 Years of History

The never-ending story of a historical site being damaged due to development projects and dam constructions seems to never let the minds of the people of Iran rest. This time, the same story is repeated for the 7000-year-old historical site of Mehr Ali Farsi in Fars province which was partly submerged as a result of inundation of Mulla Sadra Dam.
Although Iran’s Archeology Research Center has issued a certificate for carrying out excavations in this historical site, the Ministry of Energy has refused to fulfill its commitments, seeking to immediately inaugurate the dam after its construction was completed. This is while based on a memorandum of understanding signed a few months ago between Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) and the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry was expected to coordinate its projects with ICHTO and is in charge of providing the budget for carrying out excavations in the vicinity of their development projects.[...]

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